The Road to Salvation - By Mohd. Saleem

The Road to Salvation
By Mohd. Saleem
I am no more than an ordinary man who has been spending life as if knowing nothing. I was born in a wealthy Muslim family in Pakistan, but when I was a few months old, I was carried to Saudi Arabia by my father. When I was about six, my mom passed away. As I grew older I had so many questions like almost everyone experiences at some point in life. Why am I here? Where did I come from? Is there really a God and if so where is He? Why doesn't He talk?
I have been studying the Quran since I was around 12. Later I also started reading other kinds of Islamic books like the Life of Prophet Mohammad, Hadiths, etc. I have been Wahabi or Ahlae Hadiths like most of the Saudi Muslims are. (Osama Bin Laden is also one of them.) They are very extreme and I have been one also.
I had been taught that Islam is the only way to Heaven. I was told, "If you do this, you'll get so and so blessings in Heaven," and "if you do that, you'll get so a…

Daughter of a Magician - A powerful story from India

Daughter of a Magician - A powerful story from India
I am Mrs. Paul Thangam and I come from a small village near Marthandam in Kanyakumari District in the extreme southern part of India. I am a person who instigated others to pelt stones on the missionaries thinking Christ and Christians are mean persons. I had no peace and was wandering in search of peace. The impartial God redeemed me through a vision. When I was redeemed the Holy Spirit spoke to me that, “I will make you a witness to thousands of people”. The ministers of God who prayed for me also prophesied the same words to me. I longed and prayed to God that, I should pronounce to the whole world about His vision to me as said in Acts 1:8 that, “Jesus Christ is the only true God”. Then I was induced by the Holy Spirit to write about my experience and I wrote it. I was very happy about it. I often read and glorified the Lord. Finally, I published it as a book. Many read it and suggested me if it is published in a website it woul…

Communion Walkers in High Places - Rita F. Kurian

Communion Walkers in High Places Rita F. Kurian

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1:  The Miracle of Communion
Chapter 2:   The Shift that Caused the Rift

Chapter 3:  The Way out of the Wilderness

Chapter 4:  The Story of the Golden Cord.

Chapter 5:  Salted Testimonies of Communion Walkers
Chapter 6:  Healing from Roots of Bitterness and Depression
Chapter 7:  The Power of Relinquishment
Chapter 8:  Testimonies of Saints  in the 1700s-1900s Who Walked with God
Chapter 9  Under His Shadow, Our Battles are Won
Chapter 10:  Enchantments and Magic Traps
Chapter 11:  Walk in The Armor of Light
Chapter 12:  The Prayer Warrior

Chapter 13:  In Communion, We Get Fresh Love, Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire

Chapter 14:  The Power of Worship
Chapter 15:  To Walk in the Spirit, We Must Be Born Again

A communion walk is simple, powerful, life-changing, where you get fresh love again, fresh wind and fresh fire and once you learn this way, this WAY becomes your highway and not the byway!  We can read a thousand books, …